Aligning with HSUHK’s “Liberal + Professional” education model, the Common Core Curriculum (CCC) is one of the key parts of undergraduate education. It advances not only intellectual and practical skills that are essential for student learning but also offers students broad knowledge beyond the focus of the major, as well as exposure to the rich diversity of human experience.

There are two components of CCC, namely Generic Competency (Languages, Quantitative Methods and IT Skills) and General Education.

All students are required to meet the requirements of CCC before their graduation.

Students admitted to Year 2 or Year 3 may be granted with credits transfer. The application will be reviewed and approved by the respective Programme Director of the major programme enrolled by a student. The policy of credit transfer is stipulated in the Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes.

In addition to the policy on credit transfer, senior-year entrants also need to comply with the prevailing policy governing credit transfer for the Common Core General Education Curriculum approved by the University.

For details, please check out the GE Credit Transfer policy for senior intake students.

You can choose any GE Electives ONLY from the module list of GE modules offering in the coming semester while you can choose any Free Electives from ANY areas of study with your own choice.

Your academic advisor can help you understand the best options for completing your degree. Getting modules pre-approved by them ensures that the credits you earn will apply to your degree programme and will eliminate the possibility of duplicating a course you have already completed.

You may find your academic advisor at here.

GE Module Registration

Since there is a quota system for GE cluster module registration for Year 2 to Year 4 students. Different quotas are allocated to different GE clusters based on the demand of different years of students.

After the Main Round of Module Registration period, there is still a Clearance Round of Module Registration just before the commencement of each Semester for students to make final adjustment on their timetable on the Module Registration System and the Module Add/Drop period in the first two weeks of each Semester (first week in the Summer Term). You may wait until the Module Add/Drop period to see if you can register the GE module.

If you are a Year 4 student and the unsuccessful registration may lead to postponement of your graduation, please seek advice from your Programme Office immediately. Special arrangement will be made upon Department’s request.

Any module can fulfil your free elective requirements, but not every module can fulfil your study plan and general education requirements. You should ensure you can meet the required modules you need to graduate BEFORE you take any electives. Please consult your academic advisor if you have any questions on your study plan.

Outbound Exchange Programme

The University encourages its students to take part in recognized outbound exchange programmes during their study period. Credit transfer/Module exemption may be granted for modules completed successfully in a partner institution of the University, i.e. institutions which have signed an agreement with HSUHK.

For more details on “Credit Transfer/Module Exemption for Outbound Exchange Students”, please check out the related guidelines and procedures on Registry’s website.

Retaking Modules

If a student received a Fail grade, i.e. Grade F, in a module, s/he may retake that module.

Students can retake a module that they have passed with a grade “C” or below when his/her cGPA falls below 2.0 in order to fulfill the graduation requirement or to improve his/her cGPA.

A student (including those on outbound exchange/internship) has to pay for the retaken modules if the total number of credits taken in a semester exceeds 18credits (or 3 credits in the Summer Term), or the modules are taken beyond the normative study period.

Students are not allowed to retake a module that s/he has completed with Grade C+ or above even if s/he is willing to pay for the retake.

Students will NOT have priority in registering for the modules that they are going to retake. Departments/Schools will try to accommodate the demand for retaking modules but there is no guarantee that such demand can be met.

All the grades, including the Fail grade, attained for the same module that the student attempted will be shown on the academic transcript but only the grade attained at the last attempt will be used in the calculation of cGPA.

Students may retake a module to attain a higher grade to fulfill the requirements of professional bodies. Retaking a module under such circumstances will have to be approved by the Registrar. If approval is granted, students will have to pay for retaking the module, irrespective of the credits taken or the time of retake. The grade obtained as a result will not be counted towards the student’s cGPA and a separate academic transcript will be issued to certify the grade achieved for the module.